Are you interested in contributing to Maidaanam? We are currently accepting proposals for essays, photo essays, visual studies, creative digital resources, and translations. We do not accept reviews or op-eds. Please send your pitch to the editorial collective at: maidaanam2020 [at] gmail [dot] com.


Pitches should be direct and concise. They should describe the primary argument or focus of your contribution in 3-5 sentences. For essays, please clearly state the sources and evidence used for your argument. Pitches should also explain why the topic of the contribution should matter and appeal to our readers.

Essay Submissions

Please send all submissions to: maidaanam2020 [at] gmail [dot] com. When submitting your draft, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Word limit of 500-1000 words. We will consider longer posts on very rare occasions (~1500 words).
  • Aim for a clear and simple writing style that is generally accessible. Avoid overly academic terminology where possible.
  • Keep footnotes to a minimum and use hyperlinks where possible.
  • Submit drafts in Word format (.docx) and use Times New Roman font.
  • Include a suggested title for the essay. The editorial collective reserves the right to modify the essay to attract wider readership.
  • Include your name, a two-sentence bio and your contact information (email and social media addresses) along with your draft.
  • You are welcome to submit photos, artwork, audio or video clips that are relevant to your essay. Please submit non-copyrighted images, images you have permissions for, or your own work.

After you submit a proposal, a two-member team from the editorial collective will work with you through the writing and submission process. The final essay has to be approved by a second set of readers from the collective to be accepted for publication.